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GastroRok pub, Kiev

Зыблемые правила gastroRock


Zyblemye rules gastroRock

Reserve your favorite table, we accept:
phone +38 050 3906131 (call or SMS)
Reserve Table

Please indicate the exact time at which you plan to be. Booking advisable for odnin day.

If you are late, call us. If you miss without warning - we keep a reserve for you and your friends no more than 15 minutes.

    Sushi / pizza there. And there will be
    Coke / water does not pour
    Karaoke is not and never will. RockBand is
    We prepare meals from fresh organic produce only "from under the knife." Therefore, in the daily menu can be a stop-list. We hope for your understanding
    We welcome the use of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and notebooks in the gastronomic pub gastroRock. You can charge your gadget chargers on the table and a special point of iLand.ua for Mac.
    You can smoke cigars and cigarettes at any time in the gastronomic pub gastroRock. Zonation of the premises provided
    We welcome the presence of your pet in a pub gastroRock. With your permission, we will treat your pet and pour him some water.
    Your personal protection we sat at the bar and offered a cup of coffee or tea.

Vocal Jazz in gastroRock Thursdays: Anna Kohanchik

My friend, on your request, we begin to fill the music events throughout the week in gastroRock :-) In the next Thursday, August 18, sings in gastroroke lugky Jazz House charming vocalist Anna Kohanchik. Seth plays a constant Dima Borisov.

Do not forget to reserve your favorite table in the hall or on the summer terrace: +38050 3906131 (sms or call)
Vocal Jazz in gastroRock по четвергам: Анна Коханчик

Jazz in gastroRock Wednesdays: Bogolyubov and Borisov

Dear friend, waiting for you tomorrow, Wednesday August 17 ​​great jazz, a tasty dinner with excellent whiskey. Well, or the wine :-) Tomorrow gastroRock plays on the keys to the accompaniment of Bogolyubov Alexey Borisov Dima on percussion.

Do not forget to reserve your favorite table in the hall or on the summer terrace: +38050 3906131 (sms or call)

Jazz in gastroRock по средам: Боголюбов и Борисов

Lunch on the day in gastroRock Vozdvizhenka 10B 15:00: Borscht and paella with chicken and saffron

My friend, come visit us for dinner in gastroRock:

Borscht with sour cream

Paella with chicken and saffron

reserve: +38050 3906131
Обед дня в gastroRock на Воздвиженке 10Б до 15:00: Борщ и Паэлья с курицей и шафраном



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The Pancake Bakery in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paris Hilton

Alicia KeysThe most famous pancake house in Amsterdam, located in a historic 17th century VOC warehouse on the Prinsengracht a stone's throw from the Anne Frank House and the Wester.

The Pancake Bakery started as a small pancake restaurant with a simple map. In 1980, the still current owner with the introduction of a number of changes that The Pancake Bakery made it what it is nowadays: a world-famous pancake house loved by everyone.

Some features of the restaurant example, the kitchen, the pancakes known as crepes with international dishes and ingredients from many countries like the real syrup on the table legs from which one can take unlimited syrup.
So there is almost no restaurant to find a wider variety of guests and where the children themselves as quickly at home.

You can contact us both for a quick and affordable meal and for dinner. The staff always ensure a warm welcome.


Property Prinsengracht 191, where The Pancake Bakery is established since 1973, is an old warehouse of the very wealthy and powerful East India Company. Either the OCR.

The building is the second of three buildings, all owned by the VOC. From left to right they are called Faith, Hope and Love. These names were in the very Calvinist "Golden Age" is very popular in a time in which the development of trade was almost religious purpose.

The character of the property "Hope" is still reflected in the nostalgic atmosphere of the restaurant.

So there is almost no restaurant to find a wider variety of guests and where the children themselves as quickly at home.

You can contact us both for a quick and affordable meal as a dinner. The staff always ensure a warm welcome.

вторник, 19 апреля 2011 г.

Restaurant "Prague" in Lviv

The interior of the restaurant is decorated in the style of Art Nouveau.

You are surrounded with copies of paintings and posters of Czech artist Alphonse Mucha (1860 - 1939).
Style Flies "was formed by exciting decorative motifs, inexhaustible painting-ornamental elements and refinement calligraphically rendered lines of his compositions.

His graceful woman, refined colors and decorative style are shameless act of seduction. Fly captured impeccable technique and artistic originality of patterns.

His sign was the idealized figure of a charming and graceful woman who freely, but integrally enclosed in a tangle of flowers, leaves, symbols and arabesok.

Czech artist living in Paris and achieved success by drawing a big poster for the most famous actress Sarah Bernhardt of the time. Postcards, advertising, postage stamps, illustrations in magazines and design of Czech banknotes spread his fame worldwide.

Fly back to the Czech Republic in 1910, which made painting the main hall of the municipality of Prague and spent the rest of his life an epic series of 20 paintings, describing the history of Slavic people. Beautiful women, hair that is fading away, fabric, flowing, do not leave indifferent in our time.

Restaurant "Prague" in Ukraine offer to foreign visitors and residents of dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine in a large range. Occupy a special place dishes of Czech cuisine and local dishes are colorful. In the restaurant's cuisine is prepared by following the unique traditions of craftsmanship. This is not surprising - after Czech and UKRAINIAN cuisine famous for tasty and delicious dishes. Especially it should be noted pub-bar "Prague." Pub in Lviv - a somewhat exotic. The main beverage, of course - beer!
In the heart of the ancient city is located the restaurant "Prague". Cultural, business and historic center intersect in this corner of the city. Restaurant in downtown is hard to surprise anyone, but the restaurant "Prague" in Lviv, deserves special attention. This is something special.

Under the name "Prague you will find not only fine restaurant, but democratic pub-bar, coffee shop and romantic. In today's variety of establishments name the restaurant "Prague" and enjoys the respect deserved attention. The three facilities: restaurant, pub, coffee shop, can give comfort and good mood to visitors with different tastes. Restaurant "Prague" embodies sophistication. Spacious rooms, cozy tables, subtle light - an ideal place for romantic dinners or for business meetings. The Lounge is made in the style of Art Nouveau. At first glance it is clear that you were in a European restaurant. You are surrounded with copies of paintings and posters of Czech artist Alphonse Mucha, which create a special atmosphere of lightness and sensuality.

Here, it serves over 15 varieties. Classic Czech draft beer, bottle beer Vilik G. choice and other drinks cold and hot snacks, create a feeling of simplicity, relaxation, encourage friendly conversation. Pub favorite place for many men. There are usually quite noisy and democratically. Where else can you watch the football match on the big screen in a friendly company, with a glass of beer? Certainly in the beer bar "Prague".

Large wooden barrels, wooden furniture and gorgeous at the same time, modern technology and live performances. Designers placed tables, chairs, sofas so that visitors feel comfortable, but not too detached from the rest room. That atmosphere - one of the main features of "Prague". You can ensure that each guest will feel free and comfortable. Extraordinary and multifaceted pub "Prague" leave no one indifferent.

Cafe "Prague" Prague stylized cozy courtyard. The atmosphere of an old corner of the historic city hall interior pass that stylish exterior. Accessories, fancifully decorated ceiling - is reminiscent of far and near in spirit to the city - the ancient and beautiful Prague. In the coffee shop "Prague" good park company, to discuss the case with coffee, an evening in a romantic setting with a loved one. For a romantic dinner, this place seems to be most successful, because the atmosphere dominates the taste and sense of style.

Coffeehouse in Ukraine - it is always sweet and free particle of life, with a slight taste of love. Menu cafes "Prague" is different bright Ukrainian-Czech accent. Just imagine the famous Lviv curd fritter? Despite the different purposes, all three facilities (restaurant, pub, coffee shop) "Prague" hospitality and tuned to calm and pleasant meal. All three of these components gathered under one roof, creating a new phenomenon among the variety of restaurants of the city.

Thus, the "Prague" - this is a good restaurant and pub, and cafe, and club and concert venue. And with all this there is a unique and indispensable phenomenon by Lviv life with a slight taste of Prague. The Complex "Prague" you just make sure that such a modern quality and excellent service.